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Visa-Mastercard settlement deadline extended to August 30, 2024
Written By: Dennis O'Toole
May 15, 2024

Class counsel in the Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation, aka the Visa Mastercard Settlement, requested a deadline extension for class members on May 14, 2024. The court promptly granted it.


What this means for you

The team at Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) will continue to purchase claims and assist with filing amended claims until the deadline. We can purchase your claim now and make a wait for a pay-out or even the extended deadline irrelevant. With money in your pocket, you can put it to work for your business immediately.


And if you have a claim in conflict and are exasperated even with this new deadline, then we can handle that for you too. More on that below.


Why was the claim filing deadline extended?

The extension is not surprising to anyone who has been following this litigation closely. Claim filing extensions are common in complex class action settlements, and this case is complex indeed. Let’s count the ways…

·      15 year class period

·      18 million class members

·      Many class members submitting their own data or requesting a revised analysis of their prepared claims

·      Many entities are disputing just who the rightful claimant is

·      Etc.


In his litigation, the vast class alone made an extension a distinct possibility from the start. Simply mailing notices and claim forms to nearly twenty million potential claimants took months, and then processing the claims, amendments, and conflicts all but ensured this extra time to file.


In their letter to the court, class counsel wrote:


“Reasons to request the extension include the following: (1) there are many thousands of unresolved conflicting claims between third-party filers, class members, and claim buyers - more time would ensure that these conflicts are properly resolved; (2) because of the length of the Class Period, as well as other reasons such as merchant processor changes over the period, requests from class members regarding data, including requests to re-query the database and to provide additional data to determine interchange fees paid has been greater than anticipated; and (3) Epiq [the claims administrator] has seen a sharp spike in claims following a mailed postcard campaign and believes this increase in claims is likely to continue with additional time.”


How CCC can help with a claim in “Conflict” status

We have been helping many claimants resolve claims in conflict. In some instances, third-party filers have submitted claims on claimants’ behalf by using old contracts based on a previous version of this settlement. For various reasons, some of those claimants now seek other recovery options, including more affordable ones.


Resolving a conflicting claim is a time-consuming burden for the claims administrator—and for the class member. CCC can take on that burden for you and ensure that you are not stuck with a contract that no longer applies, that charges you too much, or that you do not remember signing or never signed in the first place. We already have a productive and effective communication relationship with the claims administrator. Best of all, our experts are just a phone call away for any question you might have in the process—and we will actually take the call!


If you have been waiting to tackle your Visa Mastercard claim, then let this deadline extension be an opportunity to do so. We are ready to take on your burden today.



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