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Coupon Administration

Maximize redemption rates with CCC's administrative services


CCC is unique. We are the only administrator that specializes in class action coupon settlements. We handle the entire coupon portion of settlements from beginning to end, coupon mailing to coupon expiration. CCC not only administers the procedural aspects of a coupon settlement, but also facilitates coupon transfers, promoting a secondary market and driving redemption rates as high as possible. The high level of oversight and comprehensive redemption tracking provided by CCC gives plaintiffs’ attorneys peace of mind, knowing their hard-earned fees will not be driven down by lackluster redemption rates.


CCC’s coupon administration services are designed with everyone’s best interest in mind. Our experienced, amicable customer service staff is on hand to provide class members with any assistance they require. With in-house legal and financial experts, we are prepared to facilitate settlements from a broad array of litigations. And, with top-grade technological systems, we work with defendants to create seamless coupon redemption processes. These bespoke coupon settlement services will let you get the most value out of your non-monetary class action settlement.


Our main tasks as a coupon administrator include:

  • - Designing and distributing coupons and related materials
  • - Coordinating mechanisms of redemption with defendants
  • - Creating and maintaining coupon settlement website, complete with contact info and coupon-specific FAQs
  • - Staffing, training and maintaining call center to respond to queries regarding the coupons
  • - Tracking coupon use/redemption through proprietary database
  • - Providing dispute resolution mechanisms for coupons



Contact us at 312-204-6970 to discuss your class action case and how a non-monetary compensation approach could be right for your settlement.



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