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Claim Monetization Services

Now you don't have to wait to get paid


In typical class action settlements, the lag between claim filing deadlines and settlement distributions is usually two to five years — far too long for a harmed consumer seeking redress or a business in need of immediate liquidity.


That's why claimants of all stripes are trusting their class action claim filing to Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC). Working with us saves the tedium of paperwork, ensures accurate and timely filing, and importantly provides options to get paid right now.


How it works

Using our analytic methods and models, CCC can accurately estimate the value of both active claims (in which a settlement exists) and potential claims (in which a settlement is likely). After valuing the  claim(s) you qualify for (including those that are still pending in the courts and unsettled), we provide a bid, and upon acceptance we purchase the claim(s) outright. CCC then collects the class action receivables when they occur.


Solving the challenge of illiquid asset monetization
In partnership with our affiliate Jackson Financial Group, LLC, CCC specializes in the monetization of all illiquid and contingent assets. From securities class actions to arcane financial instruments like CDS or FX, to LCD screens or Visa/Mastercard claims, to class action coupons, Certificate Clearing and Jackson can help you recover funds quickly. Whether the assets can be found in your trade data, your financial files or your storeroom, we can provide financial relief now. For more information regarding our illiquid asset monetization offerings, please contact us at 312-927-9090 or


Discover the difference leadership makes

Certificate Clearing Corporation is a part of the Chicago Clearing Corporation family — collectively responsible for filing 13 million successful claims and recovering $2 billion for individuals, businesses and investors since 1993. We've been monetizing claims since we've started, and look forward to proving our value to you.


Contact us today at 312-204-6970 to learn more about transforming your future settlement check into cash you can use immediately.


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