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Ashley Furniture In Uncomfortable Position: Settles Lawsuit About Deceptive Ads
Written By: Omar Reyes
November 13, 2023

Alleged deceptive advertising leads to settlement for Ashley Furniture customers


When you see advertisements touting special discounted prices on furnishings, you may wonder whether these "special" mark-downs are actually the merchant's real, everyday, original prices. Could they be lying to get you to think you're getting a deal? And if so, could you get compensated for this fibbery?


For a class of Ashley Furniture customers claiming they were harmed because Ashley engaged in deceptive advertising, the answer is yes. 


What this case is about
The plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against Ashley Retail (“Ashley Furniture”) on behalf of themselves and all other people similarly damaged. The case alleges that Ashley engaged in deceptive advertising by advertising improper discounts on merchandise sold on its website,, and in its brick and mortar store locations. Ashley denies all of the allegations, but has decided to settle with customers. 


Who's eligible

The class is defined as people in the U.S. who purchased one or more products on Ashley’s website from April 13, 2018 to March 31, 2022. Or people who purchased from an Ashley store between March 9, 2017 and March 31, 2022 at a price advertised as a discount from a regular or original price at one of Ashley’s stores or from Ashley’s website, and who have NOT received a refund or credit for their purchase(s). 

Ashley has agreed to provide each Class Member, who submits a valid Claim by the Deadline, one Voucher which may be applied for up to $30 toward any purchase at or in any of Ashley’s corporate owned stores. 

The Vouchers will apply to the purchase prices that Ashley offers to the general public, and will be transferable to others without restriction so long as they are not sold or offered for sale in connection with any transfer. CCC has advised in the past that all coupons should be saleable, but that is not always the case as you can see here. 

Vouchers will expire after one hundred eighty (180) days, will not be replaced if lost or stolen, must be used in a single purchase, and will have no residual value if the amount redeemed is less than the Voucher amount. 

How CCC can help

Our team of experts is always tracking these settlements to make sure you do not miss out and we are here to file your claim. The terms and conditions can be confusing, but our people have years of experience reading through them so you do not have to. Please reach out to Omar at if you purchased one or more products on Ashley’s website ( or from a store from 2017 to 2022. 

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