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How to Get The Most From The $5.54 Billion Visa Mastercard Class Action Settlement
Written By: Dennis O'Toole
November 13, 2023

The $5.54 billion Visa/Mastercard class action settlement process is about to begin. Are you ready?


If you accepted credit card payments between 2004 and 2019, you may be eligible for a substantial recovery. And if you work with Certificate Clearing Corporation, you may be able to monetize it now or increase your award by filing an amended claim.


What’s this case about?

Visa and Mastercard were sued for alleged collusion on the interchange fees that they charged merchants in the United States from January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019. This case has settled the case for $5.54 billion dollars.


First filed in 2005, the claims administrator plans to begin distributing claim forms on December 1, 2023, and they may not be due until June 2024.


It’s been a long fight—and a long wait.


Who is Certificate Clearing Corporation?

Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) is part of Chicago Clearing Corporation’s family of companies. CCC has been filing claims and recovering settlement proceeds for harmed claimants in class action litigations for over 30 years.  We have filed over 13 million individual claims and recovered over $2 billion dollars for harmed class members across hundreds of class action settlements. CCC focuses primarily on consumer and business-to-business class action settlements that are settled with either cash or transferable coupons. 


In our 30 years of operations, we have seen many companies come and go. In fact, our core employees have been with CCC longer than most firms have been in business. Since our inception in 1992 we have consistently delivered value to class members and relentlessly advocated for their rights. 


Why file an amended claim?

When you receive your prepared claim form from the administrator, your interchange fee totals may be inaccurate. This is because your prepared settlement depends on three estimates:


1.     Visa provided what they believe are the total number of interchange fees paid by merchants in the 15-year period to the claims administrator.

2.     Based on Visa’s information, the claims administrator will extrapolate what a merchant’s Mastercard fees could be in the same 15-year period.

3.     From this information, the claims administrator will post what they think are your interchange fees paid in the period. 


Because Visa may have incomplete information and Mastercard activity is simply a projection, it’s possible your interchange fees posted will not be correct.


CCC can help you file an amended claim. Our team will work with you to make sure that your interchange fees posted by the claims administrator match your records. 


Why monetize?

As we noted above, this case has been 18 years in the making and the claim filing deadline is likely more than six months away. Given the vast class (well over 15 million businesses and organizations) there will be many amended claims. This could stretch the claim review process far into the future.


CCC can remove the wait and purchase your claim for cash now. With capital on hand, you can more than make up for the cost of waiting. Tackle debt, add staff, upgrade, repair, invest…


The possibilities are endless. The wait doesn’t have to be.


Let’s get started!

Convinced? Great, then give us a call at 312-204-6970 or shoot us a note to get started. Not convinced? Great, then give us a call or shoot us a note anyway. One of our experts will be happy to run the numbers for you and answer any questions you may have.


Important Payment Card Settlement Information: The Court has granted final approval of a settlement to resolve the class action. Claim forms are not yet available and class members need not sign up for a third-party service to recover settlement funds. Once a claim’s process is available, no-cost assistance will be available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel. Additional information regarding the litigation is available on the Court-approved website at


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