CCC Class Action
Recovery Services
CCC can help realize more value from Class Action Settlements claims of all kinds Learn More
$2.6 Billion
BCBS Settlement
CCC can help you be sure you and your clients receive the money owed to you as classmembers of this huge settlement. Learn More
$700 Million
MB Settlement
CCC can help you retrieve the money owed you and your clients from the Merceds Benz Blue Tec settlement. CCC is the industry leader in handling all aspects of class action settlements. Learn More
Coupon Consulting
& Administration
CCC, the premier coupon settlement expert, has been designing class action coupons for more than 20 years. We provide coupon design consultation like no other. Get it done right - the first time. Learn More
Secondary Markets
CCC’s experience in creating secondary markets for class action coupons is unrivalled. Since 1993, CCC has paid class members more than $300 million. Learn More

A Pioneer in Class Action Settlement Recoveries

Class Action Monitoring

Our team of seasoned researchers monitor the class action world, and it is all at your fingertips.

Efficient Claim Filing

CCC will determine what documentation or data is needed to file your claim and handle the entire claim filing process. If a deficiency arises, we will ensure claims filed are perfected.

Evaluate Claim Eligibility

We review settlement agreements and your case to ensure you qualify for a claim. When advisable, we can help with pursuing private litigation.

Monetizing Claims

The time between filing a claim and receiving a settlement award can be excruciating. Depending on your company’s financial wellbeing, it may not be beneficial to wait for your payment nor take the risk of an appeal, so CCC is here to purchase your claim.

Payment Processing

CCC will manage payments per your request. Our clients can vary from businesses to individuals and when instructed we can process checks or wire payments to subaccounts.

Who We Are

Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) has been helping consumers involved in coupon settlements and investors affected by securities class action cases for over 28 years. We live in a world where people and businesses are busier than ever so why spend your time filing claims in class action cases when you can have our firm handle it all.

With CCC’s ubiquitous expertise in class action settlements, we can assist class members file and monetize claims in diverse class actions involving BIPA matters, product liability issues, data breaches, price fixing allegations, TCPA violations, or antitrust allegations. Over the years, we learned businesses are often class members, but are typically not following these cases. 

CCC is the leading class action recovery solution for businesses and people alike. After 28+ years in the class action space and diligently working with thousands of clients, we have become the largest class action recovery firm in the world. We can value claims of all types and welcome the challenge of finding anyone out there who can do a better job than us. 

What We Do

We’ve Been an Industry Leader for Over 28 Years. Follow us on LinkedIn 

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