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Swipe Back Those Card Fees
If your business accepted Visa/Mastercard from 2004 - 2019, you may be eligible for the $5.54B payment card settlement. We'll help you file a claim and/or get you cash now.
Vibrant Secondary Markets
CCC's experience creating secondary markets for class action settlements is unrivaled. Since 1993, the CCC family has retrieved more than $2B for harmed class members.
$5.54 Billion Visa/MC Settlement
Want your fair share of the huge Visa/Mastercard payment card settlement? CCC makes it easy to stake your claim -- with the added option to get paid right now.
CCC Class Action Recovery Services
CCC can help realize more value from class actions settlement claims of all kinds.
Payment Card Payback
If your business accepted Visa or Mastercard from 2004-2019, you could get a slice of the huge $5.54 billion Visa/Mastercard settlement. See if you’re eligible and how to start with CCC now.
$2 Billion and Counting
Since 1993, the CCC family has filed 13M individual claims and recovered over $2B for our clients. Learn more about where we've been and where we're going.
Your One-Stop Solution for Class Action Settlement Recovery
Class Action Monitoring
Our team of seasoned researchers monitors the class action world to keep you informed of all meaningful filing opportunities.
Efficient Claim Filing
We take care of all the paperwork and related data collection to make your claim filing process truly effortless from filing to distribution.
Claim Eligibility Review
Not sure if you qualify for a claim? We review all pertinent settlement agreements and will analyze your situation to ensure you can file.
Monetizing Claims for Cash
The time between filing a claim and receiving a settlement award can be excruciating. Why wait years to be paid? CCC will purchase your claim for cash now.
Payment Processing
CCC distributes your payment however you’d like.
Stay Informed
Log in to your CCC account to review your filings, track your claim progress, and stay informed on emerging cases.
Who We Are

Billions of dollars are available for harmed consumers and businesses to claim in class action settlements — yet only a fraction of eligible class members go through the trouble to file. Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) is dedicated to changing that.

Since 1993, the CCC family has filed and retrieved more than $2B for harmed class members in securities, financial antitrust, consumer and coupon class action settlements. In addition, we pay class members now for class action claims that take years to pay out. We bring together everything we've learned to make claim recovery simple, painless and efficient for individuals and businesses alike.

CCC can help you retrieve every class action dollar owed to you. Let us help. Click here to get started.

What We Do

Tracking every meaningful class action litigation worldwide from litigation filing through final distribution.

Claim Filing

Removing the work and worry of filing claims for individuals and business owners who want to recover the most from available class action settlements.

Claim Monetization

To solve the interminable wait for class action payment, CCC will buy your claim now so you can use the money for anything you want.

Coupon Consulting

Creating highly effective coupon markets with near 100% redemption rates which enable plaintiff attorneys to settle their hard-fought litigations.

Coupon Administration

Providing end-to-end administration of coupon settlement programs designed to maximize redemption among class members.

Secondary market creation

Developing vibrant markets for coupon-based settlements via auctions, brokering private transactions, and purchasing/reselling of coupons.

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