Design Consultation

CCC has been designing class action coupon settlements for more than 20 years. CCC is the one and only expert in creating class action coupons that deliver real value to the class, survive post-CAFA judicial scrutiny, aid the defendant, and reward the plaintiff's attorneys.

Market Making

Creating vibrant secondary markets in class action coupon settlements is essential to settle post-CAFA class actions with coupons, and to bring value to all parties. CCC’s unparalleled experience and track record in creating secondary markets for class action coupons is uniquely exceptional.


Because CCC has a vested interest in the class’ experience and the coupon redemption rate, CCC’s class action coupon administration service is without peer. CCC alone has the expertise to create the mechanisms for a seamless class action coupon administrative experience.

Recent Case Studies

Case Study: Korean Air Antitrust Litigation

CCC is currently preparing to distribute coupons for the recent In Re Korean Air Passenger Antitrust Litigation. CCC will ensure that the class and the plaintiffs’ attorneys receive the compensation they deserve. The Defendants will regain the trust of their customers through simple and effective coupon redemption processes...

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Case Study: Linens Antitrust Litigation

No other case so adequately illustrates CCC's positive role in class action coupon settlements as the Linens Antitrust Litigation. The successful result of Linens can be attributed to CCC’s extensive experience analyzing, creating, administering and making markets in numerous class action coupon settlements over the past 25...

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A Pioneer in Class Action Coupon Settlements

For over 20 years, CCC has been the catalyst for class action coupon settlement markets, offering polished coupon design, strategic secondary markets, and efficient coupon administration. Coupon settlements allow everyone involved to avoid the costs and risks of lengthy litigation, as many cases might be difficult, problematic or even impossible to settle with cash alone.

With CCC's unique market-creating acumen, class members have recovered over $300 million dollars in numerous non-monetary settlements. In addition, CCC has monetized plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees when those fees are paid in coupons.

Working with CCC is the best way to ensure that all parties are satisfied: class members receive the compensation they deserve; plaintiff’s attorneys settle cases that may not otherwise settle; defendants recompense class members out of cash flow instead of from their balance sheet; and everyone evades the risk and costs associated with protracted litigation.

We've been an industry leader for over 20 years.