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Claim Filing Services

Taking the work out of class action claim filing


For over three decades Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) has expertly filed more than 13 million securities and financial antitrust class action claims for our clients, uncovering and then recovering some $2 billion to date. Now as class action filing opportunities keep multiplying for individual consumers and businesses, we have expanded our class action filing services to cover the broader consumer class action world.


Whether you're an individual eligible for compensation due to an internet privacy violation or product defect case, or a retail business owner seeking to recover your fair share of the huge $5.54B Visa/Mastercard settlement, CCC is here to make your journey to getting paid smoother and faster.


Helping you recover every last dollar 
By working with CCC, you'll have an expert team who tracks every meaningful filing opportunity, and then takes the burden of filing and tracking your claim off of your weary shoulders. Moreover, if waiting years to get paid doesn't interest you, we will offer to buy your claim now so that you can put your money to work immediately.


Smoothing the way to successful claims

Our comprehensive and transparent recovery service lets you stay focused on your own affairs while CCC assertively seeks every dollar owed to you.


Discover the difference experience makes

Certificate Clearing Corporation is a part of the Chicago Clearing Corporation family — collectively responsible for filing 13 million successful claims and recovering $2 billion for individuals, businesses and investors since 1993. Our client retention rate exceeds 99% and our loyal staff's experience exceeds 300 years. We've had the same ownership since 1993 with no plans to change that. So rest assured your class action claim filings are in expert hands.


You'll also be able to count on our service. When you call CCC, you get an answer. When you email us, you get an answer. Promptly, courteously, professionally — by a knowledgable person. How often does that happen these days?


Contact us today at 312-204-6969 to learn more about CCC's claim filing services and the current class action settlements for which you may qualify. Let us wow you. And remember — found money is happy money!


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