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In Re: Tiktok, Inc., Consumer Privacy Litigation

A class action lawsuit claims TikTok’s practice of scanning users’ faces without consent violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Defendants (Under IL BIPA):
– TikTok, Inc.
– ByteDance, Inc.

A Brief Background

TikTok, Inc. has surpassed Illinois biometric privacy law and violated their users by storing their facial geometries without consent to do so, stated in a recent class action settlement proposal.

Brought upon by Illinois guardians on behalf of their youth, the case further litigates defendants TikTok, Inc. and ByteDance, Inc. do not disclose what the companies use their members facial video data for, nor who has access to such and whether, where and for how long facial scans are stored.

How Does This Relate to Facebook’s Lawsuit?

Opening the door for Tik Tok’s settlement, Facebook was recently hit with $650M in a biometric privacy deal of their own in early 2021. Similarly going against Illinois law, Facebook had a facial recognition feature that was collecting users’ data and scanning faces in tagged photos without disclosing such action to their vast account network.

TikTok Settlement Totals

As it stands currently, Tik Tok has agreed to pay its 89 million class members a total amount of $92M for compensation to claimants. This may be subject to change as litigants are attempting to push the total payout to a higher value, in light of the Facebook lawsuit.

How Many Class Members are There?

Currently, there are a total of 89 million class members, with 1.4 million coming from the state of Illinois. The total class member number is expected to rise, once this proposal becomes present in more states.

Stay up to Date With the TikTok Settlement

Currently, the case is being objected to and we are tracking the settlement negotiations to ensure our clients maximize their claims. Please sign up below to have CCC notify you when the claim form is available.

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