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Vibrant Secondary Markets

Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC) was founded on the crux of financial ingenuity by Jim Tharin, an astute market maker who left the trading pits to create for the first time ever a market in class action coupon settlements. Coupons have existed for centuries, but in the 1980’s attorneys began to settle class action lawsuits with vouchers and consumers wondered how they would receive real value. Class members were being required to make a purchase with the defendant in order to take advantage of the coupon and it did not seem fair.

In order to overcome the hurdle of coupons not providing real immediate value, attorneys began to design vouchers that could be sold. Interestingly, someone with buying power and experience in making a market was needed. Jim started the industry with a BMW voucher and CCC now stands alone as the premier market maker for coupon settlements.  Our firm has made a market in over a dozen coupon settlements, and historically have positively impacted redemption rates along the way. As fate would have it, Jim would also be involved in a securities class action settlement as a plaintiff and realized how painstaking the process could be. After discovering many investors were not filing in these settlements, Jim made it his mission to build a recovery service that could help everyone from the mom and pop investor to the largest hedge fund investor.

As a securities class action recovery service, CCC typically handles everything required to file a claim, but can also purchase claims from firms that do not wish to wait for the pay out. Although the approach in valuing securities claims is different from that of coupons, CCC has developed the dual financial and legal expertise to fairly value your claim’s worth. It can often be the case that a firm going out of business will look to sell any illiquid assets and CCC is here to help purchase any type of securities class action settlement claim.

Now almost 30 years in business, CCC is once again pushing the limits of market making by assisting businesses and individuals file claims in the class action settlements that span far beyond securities and coupon cases. Of course when filing claims for businesses or individuals we are once again able to offer to purchase their claims if they wish to avoid the uncertainty of a case not paying or taking years to pay out. Regardless of the type of settlement, CCC is prepared to handle your inquiries

Our Main Tasks as a Coupon Market Maker Include:

  • Conducting auctions to match buyers and sellers
  • Negotiating post-auction transactions between buyers and sellers of coupons
  • Brokering private transactions between buyers and sellers of coupons
  • Purchasing coupons from prospective sellers
  • Liquidating market by reselling coupons to prospective buyers

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We’ve Been an Industry Leader for Over 28 Years.