Insight on JBS Price-Fixing

JBS USA is currently on the hook for three different pork price-fixing incidents, artificially raising their selling points for each one of their revenue streams. A Fairness Hearing is set to occur on July 26th, 2021 to see if each settlement amount charged to JBS USA is fair and pro-rated to each claimant in the lawsuit.

How Many Class Members are There in JBS Pork Settlements? 

With the current payouts listed for each of the three JBS class action lawsuits, there is no defined size for the class action group size as of right now. As they are in the middle of sending notices to purchasers, distributors, wholesalers, and more after court approval, the claimant party is still being shaped for this price-fixing litigations.

Consumer Claims Settlement
  • Consumer Class Members
  • JBS Processing Site Buyers
  • Escrow Pays Purchaser Notice Forms
  • 20% of market share for $20M Compensation

JBS Price-Fixing Settlement Totals

With tentative approvals pending and Fairness Hearings to be conducted throughout this summer, JBS will most likely end up paying at least $57M in plaintiff compensations and claimant fees for their illegal sales boost. On top of this, JBS held a major role in the rise of other pork processor’s price points, restricting consumer supply and illegally influencing the market. JBS must cooperate and provide information on all other pork-based hearings under this litigation.

Is There an Official Claim Website?

There is no site that cohesively elaborates into more detail on each of the three JBS class action pork price-fixing lawsuits, however to get a better gauge on the situation and to see court documents from the Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs (DPP) complaints and Minnesota District Court rulings, click here.

Case No. 0:18-cv-01776 (DPP)

If you purchased any pork products directly from a pork producer for use or delivery
in the U.S. from 1/1/09 through 1/12/21, you may be a class member for this, or another JBS USA settlement.

Defendants (under Direct Purchaser Plaintiff Action):
– JBS USA Food Company
– JBS USA Food Company Holdings
– Swift Pork Company
– Related Entities

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