Case No. 16-cv-08637 Antitrust (DPP)

On top of the original class action lawsuit filed by the Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs (“Plaintiffs”) group, two more settlements have been reached regarding fixed Broiler chicken prices.

New Settlement Defendants (with original DPPs):
– Tyson Foods, Inc.
– Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

A Brief Background

Plaintiffs are claiming that Defendants fixed and boosted the price of Broilers, beginning at least as early as January 1, 2008. The Defendants completed such in various ways, including via coordinated supply restrictions, joint competitive sensitive pricing and production information, and otherwise manipulating Broiler prices. These claims would be violating United States antitrust laws, but the Defendants deny committing any illegal action. Both sides have agreed to the Settlements to resolve the case, without further legal action. The Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs are still requesting more hearings for other charged companies who have not settled yet.

Who are the Class Members?

Class members are individuals and firms who bought and used Broiler chickens from any of the Defendants or Accomplices involved in this legal action for delivery or sales use. The timetable for Broiler use is: Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 20, 2019.*

*Fieldale Farms settlement time period is from Jan. 1, 2008 to Aug. 18, 2017.

How Do the Settlements Impact Me?

With your legal rights affected if you choose to take action or not, the new DPP Settlements request that the Defendants compensate class members to these amounts: Tyson $80,000,000; and Pilgrim’s $75,000,000. Combined with the paid totals from the other settling Defendants (Peco $4,964,600; George’s $4,097,000; Amick $3,950,000, Fieldale Farms $2,250,000), total settlements in the Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs’ case are $170,261,600. A portion of that sum could be money going back into your pocket!

What Can I Do About It Now?

Even though the windows for filing a claim, objecting and excluding involvement to the settlement have passed as of May 17, 2021, a Fairness Hearing has been set for June 29, 2021 to see if these settlements will be approved. Attend the hearing in person or by other means if impacted by COVID-19 regulations to garner more information on each of the lawsuits.

Is There a Settlement Website?

Yes, there is a website. To learn more about this group of Broiler chicken settlements, click here.

LOOK through the interactive image carousel below to see which companies you buy from that are currently being sued in this case.

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