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Superior Coupon Design

Non-monetary compensation arising from class action settlements, such as coupons, vouchers, and discounts, can be a beneficial tool for class members, attorneys, and defendants, especially in cases that cannot be settled with cash alone. Class members and plaintiff’s attorneys receive the relief and monetary compensation they deserve, and defendants are relieved from having to pay a significant amount of cash upfront.

For over two decades, CCC has worked with attorneys from the nation’s leading law firms to construct coupon settlements that bring value to everyone involved, becoming the most sought after expert in class action coupon settlements. CCC has unrivaled experience in creating the vibrant secondary coupon markets necessary for maximizing everyone’s value from the settlement.

In a post-CAFA world, coupon settlements must garner sufficient value for the class in order for the judge to approve them. Coupons with high redemption rates ensure claimants receive fair value from the settlements and give judges the comfort that they’ve conformed with CAFA. The very design of the coupon is at the heart of this issue, as a coupon’s design has significant bearing on redemption rates. CCC is the preeminent expert in designing post-CAFA coupon settlements. If you are an attorney contemplating a settlement that includes coupon relief, our experienced consultants will work with you every step of the way to design a superior coupon.

Defendants can also benefit from coupon settlements. Settling with coupons can supplant lengthy litigation, mitigating costs and risks. Coupons can enhance customer loyalty. In addition, coupons can be friendlier to the balance sheet than cash settlements.

Class action coupon settlements will continue to face scrutiny from judges and special-interest law groups. Thankfully, CCC also proffers affidavits, testifying to the merits or shortcomings of a coupon settlement. We are standing by, ready to help you shape a settlement that is in the best interest of the class and attorneys while remaining compliant with the spirit of the law.

Our main tasks as a coupon consultant include:

  • Designing the coupons
  • Developing the rules of transfer and redemption for the coupons
  • Establishing dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Creating copy for the coupon mailing

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