$28.5M Onfido BIPA Settlement

**Please note we are not the claims administrator for this settlement and you can always file a claim on your own. 

These days most folks look to sell their stuff online, but you need to be careful of those scammers. Offer Up is one of those online marketplaces where users can trust they will get competitive offers for their items and transact securely. However, part of Offer Up’s verification process includes working with Onfido, a biometric identification software company, to verify identities when users upload a picture of their driver’s license and a selfie. Sadly, without the proper consent, the use of biometric details is not allowed in certain states and Onfido has now settled a class action alleging they violated privacy laws. 

Onfido has agreed to pay $28.5 million to end a class action accusing the identity verification service provider of violating Illinois’ BIPA law. The class, represented by the law firm of Edelson P.C., is broken down into two types of plaintiffs, those who uploaded their photo to a Financial Institution Customer of Onfido and those who uploaded their photo to a Non-Financial Institution Customer of Onfido. 

Now of course, everyone wants to know how much you should expect from this settlement. According to the Cook County Record, the total class size is estimated at about 670,000, with breakdowns based on the type of company through which they used TruYou verification. The non-financial institution (NFI) class is almost 195,000 strong, while the financial institution class is at almost 476,000. Given the plan of allocation and a projected claim filing rate of about 15%-25% in each class, the NFI class members are expected to receive between $210- $350 and financial institution class members would receive between $65-$110. 

CCC is happy to help you file your claim and please reach out to Omar at oreyes@certificateclearing.com or 773-849-3121 to sign up today. Note you can always file a claim on your own when the settlement website goes live later this summer.

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