$725M Facebook Consumer Privacy Settlement

CCC tracks thousands of class actions each year and we have been expanding our coverage to ensure we do not miss cases like this one. In 2020, we helped hundreds of people participate in the Facebook BIPA Settlement and once again we are seeing the social media giant face a personal privacy class action. As reported by the ABA Journal, Facebook and its attorneys were recently fined for delays, misdirection, and frivolous arguments that cost the class time and money, but the $725M settlement will move forward seeking final approval.

Although there is currently no settlement website, those of you that track this type of thing can do a simple Google search and see if this case is worth participating in. After attorney fees, there is roughly $545M for the class to receive. The exact amount each person will receive is still up in the air since roughly 250 million people qualify and no one knows how many will file a claim. Regardless, we can do a simple projection of what folks may expect and come up with a range. Let’s get into it.

If 1% of the 250M eligible people file a claim then we will need to divide $545M by 2,500,000 and folks would receive about $218. Now, 1% is the average claim filing rate attorneys project for settlements where the class is extremely large. But, we cannot ignore that in recent years technology has allowed administrators to reach a broader group of people. In the Facebook IL BIPA Settlement, 1.4M people filed a claim and that settlement was strictly for individuals that lived in Illinois and had a profile during a certain time. To come up with a more realistic range, we will need to project a claim filing rate for the entire U.S. that accounts for a broader reach when noticing class members.

Looking at the U.S.’s largest cities, we realistically believe 15M-25M people may file a claim and this means eligible class members who file would receive between $22 and $36. Most folks would say it may not be worth filing a claim, but there is a possibility the recovery is higher. Why say no to a few free meals? Further, with CCC handling your claim, it is as simple as a 5-minute conversation or filling out a short form. We are always available through email (oreyes@certificateclearing.com), social media, or by phone at 773-849-3121 to provide more information about this settlement and others.

*Note we are not the claims administrator and you can always file a claim on your own.

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