*Note CCC is not a claims administrator, nor can we provide any information on the status of claims. Please do not reach out with questions about a specific claim.

For a while, we were not sure when the BCBS Antitrust Settlement would receive final approval, but we are seeing the end on the horizon. The appeals deadline was last week and by early October we should know much more given there is a status conference scheduled for then. Everything is projected to move forward smoothly and now the administrator is also preparing for the claims review period. 

CCC expects the administrator to send out determination letters by the end of the year, but many may ask yourselves, why does this matter? When BCBS settled with businesses and individuals they agreed to provide as much data as possible on premiums paid. However, that data is messy. Class members can move homes or businesses can merge and even change plans every year if they feel it is best for their firm. All these changes lead us to a need for determination letters which are being sent after the appeal period is over. 

These letters will detail the expenses BCBS has on record for you and note they may come as physical letters or emails. As a class member, you are allowed to contest the premiums data since BCBS may have gaps in your premiums paid and this type of audit review is handled by CCC when you sign up to have us file your claim. Our firm knows that every settlement is a bit different and we read the fine print so you do not have to. 

As we prepare to review our clients’ determination letters, we want folks to know that the most common discrepancies occur when there are changes in addresses, plan names, plan coverage, employers, geographical location, or legal restructuring in the case of business claimants. Do not be afraid to contact the appropriate BCBS entity as soon as you can to perfect your premiums data and avoid missing out on money owed to you. For business entities, there are tax filings that include your health care costs, so doing a quick audit of the determination letter would be wise if you filed a claim on your own. CCC continues to monitor the settlement and will provide a breakdown of a determination letter when we receive our first one.

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