Please note we are not the claims administrator and do not have updates for people on individual claims. The settlement website is the best source of up-to-date information on claims:

CCC has been tracking this case for over 2 years now and we are not surprised to see a settlement of this magnitude take time to receive final approval. There are objections to this settlement and the Judge will review each one thoroughly before approving the distribution of payments. In the meantime, as is common, the administrator will continue to work diligently to review claims. Recently we received claim numbers and requests for additional information. It is exciting to begin this process because it gets us closer to a  payment, but it is important to note that the timeframe for when we will receive any money is still uncertain. 

In general, the claims review process will bring up several types of issues that need to be resolved, so we know that perfecting them may take months. There are businesses and individuals that move and change health care plans which means it can be tricky to locate payment records. We also have scenarios in which more than one claim is filed and the administrator will need to resolve all discrepancies.

As we work through the claims we filed, CCC recommends anyone who filed their own claim keep an eye out for an email from the administrator. You can never be sure exactly when you may be contacted, if at all, so stay vigilant and address any concerns as soon as possible. As a small note to our clients, we will reach out as needed to confirm any details the administrator has requested and know we are on top of each and every claim. If you have any questions about a claim CCC filed for you please do not hesitate to contact Omar at or 773-849-3121.

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