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Were you ever in a virtual meeting or class over Zoom and an unexpected guest popped in, disrupting your call? Sometimes it could’ve been funny and other times it could’ve been incredibly mean-spirited. One group that’s certainly not laughing? The people over at Zoom. They have been ordered to pay $85 million, due to the lack of security that led to “Zoombombings”, to settle a class action brought by customers who were irked by these pranks.

Any person who used Zoom from March 30, 2016 until the settlement passes final approval (which still hasn’t happened) and experienced a Zoombombing is eligible to file a claim in this settlement. Since basically everyone in the United States is eligible, the payout will be relatively small. Anyone who bought an account will receive 15% of what they paid for the account or $25, whichever is higher. People who use the free version of the app will receive $15 if they file. 

As part of the settlement, Zoom has agreed to bolster security on their platform to protect against Zoombombings. Part of the complaint was also the accusation that Zoom was sharing users’ information without consent through third parties to companies such as Google and Facebook. The new security measures will aim to protect users’ private data from third parties as well. 

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