Volkswagen Settles Audi Class Action Over Defective Transmissions 

Picture this – it’s a beautiful day and you are alone on an open road. You’re cruising along, when you decide to kick it up a gear, expecting a little jolt as you speed up. However, what you get isn’t just a small boost. Your car jerks and shakes violently, sending you into a panic and maybe even causing you to lose control! This is certainly a situation no one wants to be in.

If you were an owner of an Audi S4, S5, S6, S7, or RS5 and you had an experience like this, here’s your chance to get compensation for these issues. Volkswagen, which manufactures Audi vehicles, allegedly installed defective transmissions in the S4, S5, S6, S7, and RS5 models resulting in the vehicles to “unexpectedly shake and violently jerk” when shifting gears. The class action alleges that Audi knew about these defects but still produced and sold the cars.

A settlement has been reached where the owners of these vehicles between 2010 and 2015 are eligible to file. Don’t leave money on the table by not filing. The exact settlement amount is still not publicly available although it aims to reimburse claimants for repairs that they were forced to pay out of pocket due to the defect. 

Class members can receive between 20% to 100% of their payment back based on how many years they had the car and how many miles were on it at the time of repair. Models that were less than four years old and had under 50,000 miles qualify for a reimbursement of 100%, while models that were eight to nine years old and between 80,000 and 90,000 miles qualify for a 20% reimbursement. 

Volkswagen did not admit any wrongdoing or knowledge of the defective transmissions as part of the settlement. If you have an eligible vehicle with issues please contact CCC, we’ll answer any questions you have about the settlement and give you all the information you need to file. As always we are here to assist with all your class action needs and will continue to update you on not only this case, but all news involving class action litigation.

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