New Developments in Facebook’s Internet Tracking Upheaval

As recent subject to Court approval and following months of diligent mediation brought forth by the Plaintiff conglomerate of Perrin Davis, Cynthia Quinn, Brian Lentz, and Matthew Vickery, the agreement to settle all claims monetarily against Facebook has been approved and amended with a deadline extension for U.S. claimants. The former date of July 29, 2021, to file an FSI claim protocol has been vacated, with September 24, 2021, becoming the new deadline for motion documentation. 

Acquiring almost two more months for motions and claims to be filed projects a boost in compensation returns for Facebook users who had their web cookie data illegally sold to third parties by means of Facebook’s tracking software. Having already adjusted the legal time periods to allow individuals to claim their piece of the settlement pie gives hope for a raised lawsuit total by the end of it. 

Facebook and other pioneering tech organizations have been blitzed recently for a wide range of biometric-based antitrust litigations, as the Biden administration cracks down on the data disputes that have impacted so many lives. Even though this case does not factor in Facebook’s face-scanning technology that got busted earlier this year, the face of social media gets hit yet again, adding on to their already running total of $650M in settlement payouts. As of late, “Big Tech” means “Big Consequence(s)”

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