Why Are Mercedes Owners Excluding Themselves From the Settlement? 

Plaintiffs’ lawyers in the Mercedes-Benz BlueTec class action suit expressed great pride in achieving payments of up to $3300 for those affected by Mercedes’ emission cheating scandal. So why are thousands of eligible cars being excluded from the settlement by their owners? To answer this complicated question, we’ll need to take a deeper look at some of the case’s objectors to see what parts of the settlement they find unfair.

Those unsatisfied with their settlement have two options. They may opt out of the class and pursue their own lawsuit, or they can remain in the class but file an objection. The bulk of objections to this class action settlement are because the claimant feels they deserve more money. Some objectors feel that the AEM, the aftermarket device required to bring emissions back within regulatory standards, negatively affects their car’s performance in various ways such as gas mileage or torque. They believe the $3300 is not adequate compensation for this performance loss. Others assert that the $850 settlement offered to those who sold their affected vehicles does not cover his repair costs stemming from the exhaust system during his ownership.

One objector claims that because he and his family frequently sat idling in their car at the US/Mexico border checkpoint, their car’s emissions exposed them to high levels of toxic gases. They seek $31,500 in damages, which is nearly 10 times the maximum claim amount. This objector would probably be better off opting out of the class and filing their own case if they truly feel they deserve that much. If you’re unsure about whether to exclude yourself or participate, give us a call to discuss your unique situation and the options available to you. 

These objections, coupled with the fact that thousands of eligible vehicle owners are excluding themselves from the settlement, meant this settlement had a higher chance of being reviewed by a judge. However, despite these objections, the judge reasoned, “regardless of whether the Mercedes defendants could withstand a judgment greater than the amount of the settlement…the proposed Mercedes Settlement represents a fair, reasonable, and adequate payment,” approving the settlement and moving the case forward

With the deadline to file a claim over a year away already, it’s understandable that some eligible claimants may need the cash they’re entitled to now. If you want to get your money in advance, Certificate Clearing is here to help. We offer to purchase your claim rights so you don’t have to wait. Simply sell your claim rights and walk out with cash in hand while we do the waiting for you. Check out our website or give us a call to learn more.

Case Update: Special Master Deems Settlement Fair

The Mercedes-Benz emissions lawsuit continues to push forward as the settlement has been deemed fair by Special Master Dennis Cavanaugh. Despite numerous attempts by Mercedes to stifle the settlement through appeals and hard-fought litigation, Cavanaugh has deemed the settlement “fair, adequate, and reasonable.” Attorney fees are now being paid, which means settlements for individuals are now a step closer to being paid. The deadline to file a claim is still over a year away, and it is still unknown when exactly class members will be compensated. 

If you want to get your money in advance, Certificate Clearing can help you. We’re offering to purchase claim rights so class members can get paid before the settlements are issued. If you’re interested, visit our website to check out eligible vehicles or give us a call.

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