Claim Filing: Is It Worth Your Time? 

*Note CCC is not a claims administrator, nor can we provide any information on the status of claims. Please do not reach out with questions about a specific claim, but we are happy to continue helping people file claims.

You might have been skimming your daily newsletter that pops up in your inbox every morning, now spotting the word settlement more than ever before. Whether it regards the food processors you buy from or the tech gadgets you use every day, settlements and class action cases are buzzing right now. More importantly, if you get involved the right way, long-term payouts behold the receiver. The hoops to jump through to get there: filing a claim, particularly one for a certified settlement.

Most parties intrigued by the opportunity to file hold a stern belief that their optimistic compensation will be met, even though that perspective can appear quite lofty. 

To help you visualize if claim filing, or specifically, taking action of some sort is best for you, always do the math behind what an individual and an entire business can walk away with from filing a claim. Next, compare your metrics with the projected costs and fees from an administrative point of view and uncover ways to complete this like a self-serve order. 

The math facet of this equation stems from economic modeling, which sounds terrifying to not numerically interested individuals, but is rather quite easy to complete. This estimation process of expected values and multiplying the monetary award you could receive by some percentile of success less than 100% is straightforward and features fewer variables to account for than a middle school algebra class. No need to stress!

Completing this work will not only provide you with further knowledge on class action settlements, but it will also paint the picture of what litigation finances are attainable from this case and if you can score more bang for the original buck. However, taking a litigation and settlement on your own, with no filing party or group leading the charge, can be complex but Certificate Clearing Corporation is always here to help. Let’s proceed.

From the get-go, plaintiffs will mark a projected payout that is usually too high and defendants will construct their own estimation that is too low. Building off of their prospective payouts, multiply a probability around 75%, according to the research of managing partner, Rob Bovarnick will bring you to a payout that’s reasonable to see to fruition, as well as if you should file for your business too. 

Crunching the numbers and knowing what is going on in the case can help you avoid paying lawyer fees, while simultaneously getting the money you deserve back in your pocket. The principle of the matter is only respected once the first bill arrives at your door. 

Certificate Clearing Corporation has a proven track record and great experience in this field, dealing with cases such as the Visa Mastercard payment processing antitrust settlement, numerous antitrust cases in the meat and fish industries, and the ComEd antitrust settlement. In each of these settlements, Certificate Clearing Corporation has worked tirelessly to get the consumer what they deserve and succeeded.

Specifically, our team has been renowned for being one of the best providers of up-to-date information on cases our clientele qualifies for as well as properly filing claims on a custom basis for any individual or organization we work with. From our expertise, we will even assist you and your firm in taking the right steps to sue on your own, sharing attorney referral prestige that dates back since the beginning of our work.

Every claim form varies from the next in our financial services sector, with some settlements and class action lawsuits taking years to audit and complete their payouts. Nevertheless, that does not stop the Certificate Clearing Corporation team in achieving your compensation desires.

We can help you in any case that may come up in the future and would be happy to assist you in any way possible so you get your money, no strings attached.

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