BlueTec Settlement: What if I can’t get my AEM in time?

If you own a qualifying vehicle in the Mercedes Benz BlueTec settlement, you may be wondering about the stipulation requiring you to install an AEM in order to be eligible for a settlement. Certificate Clearing is here to help answer some of your questions about the AEM as it pertains to your qualification for the settlement.

What is an AEM?

AEM stands for Approved Emission Modification. It is a device that will bring your vehicle’s emissions back to within regulatory standards. You must have an AEM installed to be qualified for the Mercedes-Benz BlueTec settlement. 

How do I get an AEM?

The AEM will be installed for free at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership. Note, however, that waitlists for AEM installation are quite long, and it may be some time before one is made available to you. Reach out to your Mercedes dealer ASAP to schedule your installation before it’s too late!

What if I cannot get my AEM installed before the claims filing deadline (Oct. 1 2022)?

If for some reason, you are unable to have an AEM installed on your vehicle before the claims filing deadline, there will still be compensation available to you. Filing a claim before November 30 2022 will still net you some cash. The settlement allocation for these late claims will be as follows: 

Mercedes will also be buying back vehicles from owners who cannot re-register their vehicle with their state. Some states will not allow you to register your BlueTec vehicle without an AEM, so if an AEM remains unavailable, this will pose problems for you. Mercedes, as part of their settlement, is obliged to take this problem off of your hands, so file by November 30, 2022 to have Mercedes Benz buy back your vehicle for its full market price. 

Important to note: If a Valid Claim is received within 60 days of the AEM Availability Deadline, the Mercedes Defendants will offer to repurchase the Subject Vehicle for an amount equal to the value of the vehicle according to Manheim Market Report.

Be sure to check our blog or the Mercedes Settlement website for more information and updates to answer your questions. 

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