TikTok Consumer Protection: Users Entitled to Greater Compensation 

The current proposed payout for TikTok’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) infringement is subject to change and possibly be raised for users whose personal data has been compromised by the popular video sharing platform. With around 90 million American-based users, TikTok originally agreed to supply $92M to settle legal fees and finance the class members unaware their data was being illegally utilized.

However, the population size and payout numbers equate to each person in turn receiving $6. Essentially, just another morning coffee for an individual’s breached data – not exactly a fair trade you would say.

Compared to the Facebook facial recognition case, topping out at $650M, TikTok class members – especially those in Illinois with claims under the state privacy law – are objecting to TikTok’s current financial compromise. They are purposely trying to delay the approval of the deal, as the monetary value on the table does not meet market expectations. 

Essentially, just another morning coffee for an individual’s breached data – not exactly a fair trade you would say.

Mitena Partners

For TikTok and the rest of the defending parties, the $92M settlement is justified off of class action lawsuits and tech-focused legal agreements formalized over a decade ago. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and their representatives also stated that because of the immense pressure they received from the recent Trump administration, a sufficient agreement needed to be reached quickly.

With Biden’s team now in place and according to the knowledge of lawyers supporting the deal, a vast majority of settlements do not approach such a value that has been garnered for this TikTok litigation. Having more class members speaking out has pushed U.S. District Judge John Lee to weigh the arguments again and provide a more accurate ruling later.

Awareness was raised for this case through TikTok’s original distribution of recorded face scans and disclosing sensitive information to third parties, which is illegal without informed consent.

You or a family member may qualify for a portion of this settlement. Mitena Partners is here to help you figure that out. Stay up to date with premier industry insight regarding major class action news by following our blog or signing up for our newsletter. Our team will make every effort to notify you of cases you may qualify for and are here for every step of the claim filing process.

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