Tyson Tentatively Confirm Evasion of Chicken Farmer Wage-Fixing Suit 

Please note we are not the claims administrator and do not have updates for people on individual claims. The settlement website is the best source of up-to-date information on claims.

In what has recently been a busy handful of weeks for Tyson Food Inc’s (NYSE: TSN) legal department, the food production company has yet again been able to make means of a compromise with their opposing plaintiff party. Petitioning chicken farmers were able to agree upon a monetary settlement with Tyson for the vast amount of poultry producers who were schemed into prolonged lower wages by Tyson, essentially making their efforts comparable to sharecropping years ago.  

A small nucleus of farmers who have led this lawsuit believe they have practically finalized the settlement, solely waiting now on a specific dollar amount for monetary compensation, as well as Tyson’s genuine cooperation for compromising assistance against other poultry powerhouses in this case. 

Mainly focused around district farming claims in Oklahoma, this settlement opens the door as a gateway to progressing the cases for more underpaid chicken farmers in Tyson production hot spots, specifically Arkansas and Iowa, but not capped at just those states. In Oklahoma alone, Tyson, along with Koch Foods Inc., Perdue Farms Inc., Sanderson Farms Inc. and others have been targeted by local farmers and will only receive further legal allegations as other farming coalitions plan to follow this act. 

For the poultry industry, operations have become quite dreadful as of late. On top of short paying farmers for their mass chicken supply, there have been wide-ranging litigations regarding fixing claims for both chicken price and quota wages for farmers. In the DEI realm too, processing firms like Tyson have also been under scrutiny for depleting immigrant workforce pay, neglecting their rights as workers. 

With those implications, food production executives and C-level officials could receive jail time. 

Hoping to promptly deal with the newly published allegations, Tyson has already sent financial compensations totaling just under $200M to the cases they have already been defendant’s in – and that number is only expected to heighten at a faster rate as Q2 comes to a close. 

Projecting an exponential expansion of wage-fixing allegations in the near future, its almost certain that this issue may come to your own hometown, noteworthy of your attention. Mitena Partners will continue to monitor new developments in this Tyson case, as well as litigations against other poultry producing organizations, looking out for your best interest at all times. The only way to maintain that cutting edge on up-to-date industry insight and class action content is by following our blog for further postings and sign up for email updates on our website, Mitenapartners.com.

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