Items in Your Home That May Entitle You To a Claim

If you’ve noticed one of your home appliances malfunctioning recently, there’s a chance you may be entitled to a claim. 

The first current claim that may be in your home is in regards to Samsung refrigerators. Samsung’s refrigerators have allegedly been prone to leaks, both inside and outside of the fridge itself. This is due to defective ice makers according to the plaintiffs. Consumers have tried to get them repaired only to have the same issues happen again, losing thousands of dollars to repairs over the years. Samsung has received over 7000 complaints about their refrigerators between April of this year and April of 2020. The public response to this class action has been vocal. Ten of thousands of Facebook users joined a group calling for the recall of over 20 models of their refrigerators, which worked as a recall eventually happened. The class action is currently in mediation and we will continue to update you on its progress. 

Recently LG also had a class action lawsuit filed against them. Their refrigerators had a cooling defect, allegedly not allowing the refrigerator to maintain the temperature levels required to preserve food. Class members in this settlement will receive a payment of $450 to potentially higher than $6000. Unfortunately, the claim filing deadline has passed and if you use an LG refrigerator you are out of luck in filing a claim. Check back here so you do not miss another chance to claim money on a claim you could receive some money for. 

One last settlement that may be relevant to you is not an appliance, but a Keurig K Cup single serve coffee pod. I bet you did not expect there to be a class action against such a simple item like this. Keurig actually violated antitrust laws in order to keep the price of their coffee pods higher than they would be in a fair market. This led to a $31 million settlement. The class members who are eligible are anyone who bought a K Cup between Sep. 7 2010 and Aug 14 2020 in all states besides Miss and RI, who have different dates. In order to file a claim you need proof of purchase and an idea of how many pods you bought over that time. Reimbursements will range from .75% all the way to 100% so make you gather as much proof as possible!

Mitena Partners is here to keep you in the loop on all class action news and is your best source for staying up to date on class actions. We will continue to update you on all these cases!

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