Why You Should File in the Mercedes Benz Settlement

*Note CCC is not a claims administrator, nor can we provide any information on the status of claims. Please do not reach out with questions about a specific claim, but we are happy to continue helping people file claims. The best thing to do if you have questions about your claim is to contact the administrator at: https://www.mbbluetecsettlement.com/

What is the Mercedes Benz Settlement?

In certain diesel cars and trucks, Mercedes Benz is alleged to have inserted a device that allowed them to pass emissions tests before releasing pollutants outside of the boundaries of environmental regulations during on-the-road conditions. Anyone who owned or leased a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec diesel vehicle is eligible. To be a claimant you must have leased or registered the vehicle you are claiming before or on September 14, 2020 or after September 14, 2020 without an AEM installed. The list of eligible vehicles can be found on the settlement website www.mbbluetecsettlement.com.  

How Much Money Can I Expect in Return?

Current owners and lessees get $3290 if no former owner or lessee has a valid claim for the same vehicle. Current owners get $2467.50 if a former owner of the same vehicle files or if the vehicle was registered after September 14, 2020 and did not have an AEM. Former owners can get up to $822.50 in return if they submit a valid claim. If multiple former owners claim the same vehicle, the $822.50 is divided up amongst however many former owners submit a valid claim. 

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Submit a Claim? 

In order to file your claim, you must first get an AEM installed in your car or truck. This can be done free of charge at any licensed Mercedes Benz dealership. Appointments may take time and have to be scheduled in advance. The claim must then be submitted by July 12, 2021 in order to be valid. 

How Do I File a Claim?

You can file a claim on your own through www.mbbluetecsettlement.com. We can also file a claim for you here at Mitena Partners, taking out the stress and hassle that comes with filing a claim. After your claim is filed we can offer to buy your claim upfront, so you do not have to wait the usual 6-18 months for your claim to pay out. Not only are we the best in the business, we also will help you with any other claims you may be entitled to in the future, taking the confusing and cumbersome aspects of claim filing out of your hands.

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