Class Action Lawsuit Notices Fail to Notify Potential Claimants

Despite enormous sums being poured into distribution methods for class action eligibility notices, the Federal Trade Commission recently found that consumer class actions average claim rates of 9% or less! Mitena Partners’ mission is to increase this claim filing rate, so let’s discuss factors that inhibit potential claimants from filing to recover their awards, leaving millions on the table each year.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people and businesses to relocate. Addresses change, emails change, and many people’s claim notices fall through the cracks. Couple this with the time and energy it takes to deal with claim forms, and it’s no wonder claim rates remain so low. People have been forced to choose between fair, justified compensation and their valuable time. Time which could be spent elsewhere on more productive things than intentionally confusing claimant forms.

Why should we stand for this? A 9% claim rate is unacceptable, yet this is the norm for most class action suits. What’s more, a large amount of these unclaimed dollars end up being funneled directly back to the entity who was forced to settle, essentially nullifying a class action case’s remedial intentions.

Here at Mitena Partners, we believe that more people deserve to receive the money that they are entitled to. We are a class action recovery service that takes away the tediousness of filling out claims from individuals and businesses so they can focus their time on more important business operations. Furthermore, we guarantee that through our extensive experience and proven track record with over $1 billion recovered, we will maximize potential recovery for both your business and yourself as an individual.

Feel free to check out the rest of our website for more information about how Mitena Partners can help you.

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