Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust

In the matter of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Settlement, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) allegedly violated antitrust laws and entered an agreement with Settling Defendants to increase the cost of health insurance and administration of Commercial Health Benefit Products in the U.S. and Puerto Rico from 2008-2020. Blue Cross and Blue Shield has denied the allegations, but has settled the case for $2.67 Billion Dollars. 

Former President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act with the intention of giving Americans greater access to inexpensive healthcare, but interestingly costs kept going up. Whether you support the policy or not, we all know healthcare costs are a significant portion of any person or business’s expenses. During this class period, healthcare premiums almost doubled for businesses and people alike while class members were limited in their options.

To review your eligibility check out the settlement website: and note you can file a claim on your own for yourself and your business.  

However, our firm believes your time is best spent focusing on your clients and we are here to make sure you never miss a claim again. CCC can help you participate in the $2.67B Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Settlement and when you sign up for our service we will:  

– Evaluate your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan to determine settlement eligibility 

– Collect any supporting documentation and file your claim

– Monitor the claims review process and if a deficiency arises, we work with the administrator to ensure claims are perfected

– Our quantitative team is working to predict the recovery a business can expect and when we reach a projected recovery CCC will offer to purchase your claim. Selling your claim to our firm helps you avoid potentially waiting 8 months or longer for your payment 

Given at least a third of the U.S. purchases insurance from BCBS, there is a high likelihood someone around you qualifies. CCC has over 30 years of experience navigating the complex claims filing process. Our streamlined approach puts money in your pocket without you having to spend any extra time or allocate internal resources.

If you’ve read this far, and want to learn more, please complete the form below to find out how quickly we can file a claim for you and maximize your recovery.

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