BMW M5 Litigation


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Case Description

Class Plaintiffs filed a claim alleging BMW produced more 1988 M5 BMW automobile (model E28M5) than the company had originally stated. They alleged overproduction of vehicles caused a diminution of value of the limited edition model. BMW settled the litigation by issuing transferable discount certificates worth of $4,000 each to eligible class members that could be applied towards the purchase or lease of a new BMW.


Court Information

Case #
91 CH 04192
Case Type
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CCC Performance

As the designated market maker in the settlement, CCC worked to optimize the coupon market by buying BMW certificates that class members did not want to use and reselling them to customers that were in the market for the purchase or lease of a BMW vehicle. As a result, CCC induced a 60% redemption rate. Because only 7% of the BMW M5 Litigation class members used their own coupon to purchase or lease a new BMW, CCC played a crucial role by increasing the usage and value of these certificates.




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